A fun day at the Red Bull Air Race with Event!

The Red Bull Air Race is an exciting competition in which the world’s most talented pilots are up against each other in a race based on speed, precision and skill.

The competition features a dynamic new discipline of flying, called ‘air racing’ where the objective is to navigate a challenging obstacle course in the sky in the fastest possible time. Pilots fly individually against the clock and have to complete tight turns through a slalom course consisting of specially designed 20m high pylons, known as ‘air gates’.

The Air Race is not just about speed but also precision. The slightest mistake can result in penalty points. Flying low to the ground at speeds that can reach over 400kph, while negotiating the air gates, requires immense skill that only a certain number of pilots in the world possess. That is why the pilots are hand selected based upon their expertise and experience. These pilots are at the top of their game. They have to be – the Air Race exerts huge demands on their flying abilities and they have to withstand forces of up to 10G. There is no room for error.

What makes the ‘Air Race’ so exciting and interesting for spectators is the proximity of the contest to the crowds. Low level flying on a relatively compact course means that people can really experience all the action close-up.

We are at Longleat supplying merchandise and the Luxury Hamper

A Fantastic job by Event Mail order!

Firstly what a fantastic service you have pulled off with the above order, I
can honestly say this has got to have been, in my experience of mail order,
the fastest executed transaction I have ever experienced. I received my
order this morning less then 36hrs after ordering.

Event use Fair Trade Products

We are able to offer a range of Fair Trade clothing. Event is the Ethical choice for promotional clothing, creating fresh and funky clothes helping small-scale producers in developing coutries to get a better deal.
Our Fair Trade clothing is made in India from Fair trade Certified cotton.

Grumpy Old Women Live

The Show

Have you reached ‘that certain age’?

Are you more likely to shake your rolling pin than your booty?

Are you a little bit hot, a little bit hairy?

Is there stuff you’d like to get off your saggy old chest?

Then join us for a live grump fest.

ECLAIR, ROBSON and KEANE (whose combined age is unprintable) host an orgy of middle aged mayhem, 90 minutes of theatrical HRT with not a thong in sight.

Following the sell-out knock ‘em dead mini tour of Autumn 2005, the Grumpy Old Women are back with a vengeance.

Inspired by the ratings busting BBC2 series and best selling Grumpy Old Women handbook, Grumpy Old Women Live, is a celebration of the pre, peri and post menopausal female condition.
Prompt start, prompt finish. With any luck you

T4 on the Beach

Fun in Weston Super Mare! Hard Fi, Will Young, Basement Jaxxs, Feeder and many more. June 18th.