Sebastian Coe and Paul Deighton thank Event Merchandising

Event Merchandise receive a thank you for our contribution from Chairman Sebastian Coe and CEO Paul Deighton. ” I was very delighted to receive a thank you letter to Event Merchandising for our work with the London 2012 Olympic Games over the last 8 years” Jeremy Goldsmith, Managing Director of Event Merchandising

Event merchandise at the Gadget show

The Gadget show London pop up shop by Event Merchandise. “Event Merchandising produced a fantastic range of innovative products using Augmented Reality and QR codes enhancing the gift items” said Jeremy Goldsmith, managing director of Event Merchandise

Event Merchandise works with Rio 2016 to set up Casa Brazil

Event Merchandise is honoured to be working with Rio 2016 to set up a Pop up shop for Casa Brazil. Event Merchandise designed the range, supplied the staff, ran the epos and sold the products.

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Event merchandise creates a range of products for the gadget show live in London

Since the historic summer of 2012, working with both the Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics and Paralympics, the Event Merchandising team, have been continually designing, producing and selling innovative ranges of merchandise for some major headline events.
The Event! development team have been driving through new products amongst our merchandise ranges. For the Gadget Show Live we are introducing Touchscreen Gloves, the perfect Winter cure for cold fingers, motion sensitive flashing wristbands at the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball at the o2 Arena and a music linked product, .

Introducing I Like Music

I Like Music

can create any compilation album to suit, the play list links to any product by way of a QR code, have a listen to the Gadget Show Live play list below.

If you would like the emotional pull of music connected to your brand, please send through a brief on the genre you are looking for, and our playlist team will do the rest.
A selection from the Gadget Show Live Exhibition range can be bought either at the London Excel show or online here

Videocard update
Building on the success of the original Videocard, we are proud to announce the next generation, available with 3D and touchscreen capabilities, so please email for a quote.

Event produce the Rio 2016 boutique

Customers who decided to shop at the Rio 2016TM Official Store at Casa Brasil in London could not believe their luck. It happened to be the same day that the athlete of the century, Pele, paid a visit to Somerset House to the Casa Brasil Boutique.

During the visit, people were invited to enter a room in order to customise their T-shirts and were surprised by Pele.

The athlete of the century and king of football, Pele, greatest player of all time surprised people who were lucky enough to go to the Rio 2016TM store at the time the former player visited the store, created and managed by Event Merchandising appointed as sole merchandiser for this inaugural project.

A full selection of merchandise was produced including T-shirts for both adults and kids, notebooks, pens, key rings and mugs, inspired by the Rio 2016TM logo and launching key designs in particular the Rio 2016TM font depicting the essence of the Olympic and Paralympic emblems: Passion and Transformation.

Happy Birthday Event!

Happy Birthday Event! 30 years ago on 1st March 1982, Event Merchandising began their journey in the world of Merchandising. Pioneers in the promotional merchandise market! Congratulations

Event and Gary Barlow

Event Merchandise produce a range of products for Gary Barlow to raise money for the Princes Trust. We have also launched a mobile phone app to purchase the gifts instantly.