Taskmaster Chocolate Challenge

Will you take on the #Taskmaster chocolate challenge to beat Alex’s time of… too long?

Tasty Taskmaster Chocolate just in time for Easter – designed and Handmade via the easter bunnies from the Event Merchandise! creative team!

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Bing Bunny Store

Acamar Films are fortifying their direct-to-consumer relationships with the launch of their first e-commerce store for Bing; the multi-award winning hit pre-school show which is currently winning global audiences.

Developed in partnership with Event Merchandising, specialists in managing and building licensed e-commerce stores, the new online retail hub is a one-stop-shop for all things Bing.

The exciting Bing Store range includes new and exclusive personalised product across apparel, gifts and homeware categories, alongside a selection of toys, books, dress up, clothing and party accessories from existing licensing partners. Seasonal lines will be added to the store to delight returning visitors.

Louise Simmonds, Head of UK Licensing and Merchandising at Acamar Films, said: “It is hugely exciting to see The Bing Store launch in the UK where grown-ups and Bingsters can find Bing product all in one place. The development and launch of our new e-commerce site demonstrates our deep commitment to digital growth and the importance of having a direct dialogue with our audience.”

Visit The Bing Store www.bingbunnystore.com


Bing Bunny Store

Bing Bunny Store

Spy Ninjas

Spy Ninjas


Event Merchandising launch the Official Store for Spy Ninjas:

Spy Ninjas is a team of best friends that use martial arts, detective skills—and the coolest gadgets—to find clues and solve puzzles. All to defeat their enemy, the evil hacker organization Project Zorgo, that’s trying to taking control of the internet!

Event Merchandising is excited to be the chosen as the global Store for the YouTube hit series. Described as an “action-packed serial drama” that unfolds across several YouTube channels, “Spy Ninjas” boasts more than 400 million monthly views as Chad Wild Clay, Vy Qwaint, and their Spy Ninjas team battle Project Zorgo.


Spitting Image Store

Spitting Image Official Store

100% not fake news!
It will not end in Tiers!

Who said they were all puppets?

The one and only Pathetic Slogan T…

Battle it out to discover who is the Top Trump.
With categories including Heart Throb, Bank Balance, Shelf Life and World Domination.

All and more to be found on the official store designed and created by Event Merchandising.


Shagged Married and Annoyed Store by Event Merchandising

Event Merchandising produce the online store for the popular podcast of Chris and Rosie Ramsey for Shagged, Married and Annoyed shop.

Featuring the giant glass of wine!


The perfect gift for a wine lover, holds over A WHOPPING 750ml, or as it’s more commonly known, a whole massive glass of plonk!

Taking social media by storm

Shagged Married and Annoyed

The Judge won’t budge


Event Merchandise launch Judge Jules Store in Lockdown:

The Judge Won’t budge – has been streaming his Live DJ sets during the lockdown.

Judges Jules shop

Judge Won't Budge

Judge Jules Merchandise