Grumpy Old Women Live

The Show

Have you reached ‘that certain age’?

Are you more likely to shake your rolling pin than your booty?

Are you a little bit hot, a little bit hairy?

Is there stuff you’d like to get off your saggy old chest?

Then join us for a live grump fest.

ECLAIR, ROBSON and KEANE (whose combined age is unprintable) host an orgy of middle aged mayhem, 90 minutes of theatrical HRT with not a thong in sight.

Following the sell-out knock ‘em dead mini tour of Autumn 2005, the Grumpy Old Women are back with a vengeance.

Inspired by the ratings busting BBC2 series and best selling Grumpy Old Women handbook, Grumpy Old Women Live, is a celebration of the pre, peri and post menopausal female condition.
Prompt start, prompt finish. With any luck you