Spanish Riding School of Vienna

Event create a luxurios range of products for the European Tour of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna. The Spanish Riding School of Vienna is the only riding academy in the world where the Renaissance tradition of classical horsemanship is preserved and cultivated to this day. The unique harmony of horse and rider achieved here is famous all over the world.
The world famous Lipizzaner horses take their name from the village of Lipica in modern day Slovenia which was the home of the original royal stud. These animals are characterised by a perfect and noble physique, graceful movements, the ability to learn, liveliness, good nature, courage, toughness and stamina. In appearance they resemble in every respect the typical baroque show and parade horses. The unique white horses are the result of centuries of breeding from Spanish, Italian and Arab-Oriental stock.

Dock Rock comes to London Excel, Event Merchandise

Rocking an’ Rolling, bopping an’ popping or movin’ an’ groovin’…. Whatever your musical tastes, they can be satisfied on the dockside watching the outstanding performances on our purpose built floating stage. Some of the finest names in British music will quite literally “Rock the Dock”. If you’re a cool cat, or even the oldest swinger in town, we are sure you will find something to satisfy your musical tastes.

The Merchants of Bollywood

The Merchants of Bollywood is a live dance extravaganza like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Featuring a cast of 30 actors, singers and dancers this show will feature the glamour, romance and allure that is Bollywood.

This is a live stage spectacular with songs and dance from smash-hit movies including agaan, Devdas, Musafir and Bunty Aur Babli.

Event create a fantastic range of Bollywood products


If your Mansion House needs haunting just call Event Merchandising!
Event appointed to create a range of products for the Joe Pasquale show

London 2012 Babies

London 2012 babies celebrate first birthday

Olympic star Denise Lewis has helped celebrate the birthday of five lucky babies who will be taking part in the 2012 Games.

Abigail, Louis, Ian, Polly Anna and Benjamin are just some of the hundreds of children who were born on 2012 Day (20 December 2004) and were offered the chance to take part in Games.

These lucky babies will play a role in the London 2012 opening ceremonies, closing ceremonies, team welcome ceremonies or a wide range of events that will light up London

London 2012

Event Merchandising is delighted to be involved with the London 2012 Candidate City Bid. Event won an exclusive contract to create and supply a range of products for sale to the public and for promotional use to key partners and the Government. A vast range was created to include pin badges, car flags, sportswear, gifts, stickers, banners, leisurewear and many more high quality merchadise.

Throughout the country many thousands were seen with London 2012 Merchandise. Event created a dedicated online shop, Event aslo sold at Athletic events throughout the country.
On the day of the announcement Event were in Trafalga square.
Jeremy Goldsmith said ” It was the most amazing day, we had stands in the middle of trafalga square full of product, my heart was beating as the winning bid was announced. As London name was declared the winner by Jacques Rogge, there was an enormous cheer. Our stands suddendly had an influx of people trying to get a souvenir of this memorable day.”