TNA Wrestling/Event Thank Fans for a Successful UK & Ireland Tour

Event Merchandise would like to thank all the fans for the TNA tour in the UK and Ireland. The atmosphere was electric as
TNA blew the roofs off in Dublin, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and London to sold out rapid TNA crowds.

If you missed out, TNA will be back later in the year. In the meantime, you can buy your TNA merchandise at

Sherlock Holmes

Jeremy Goldsmith, Managing Director of Event Merchandise said “Sherlock Holmes is the worlds most famous and recognized fictional detective, the first pop icon of the modern age.”

“Like the air we breathe, Sherlock Holmes is everywhere. His pipe-smoking, deer stalkered image peers at us from ads in Yellow Pages, to signs for neighbourhood crime-watch; from billboards to the classroom; from film and television to the public library, and now over the Internet. He long ago transcended the boundaries of 19th Century London to become an international best-seller and has been accepted as part of British folklore. Holmes is alive to millions.”

To many, Holmes remains the standard for the modern day detective story.

Event Merchandising is representing Sherlock Holmes across the globe.
The Sherlock Holmes company has registered various trademarks to protect the well known silhouette.

Ben Hur Live and Event Merchandising

Event Merchandise are working with the producers of Ben Hur Live, the greatest spectacular of them all.
Event will be creating an authentic range of merchandise to be sold around the globe. The premier is at the O2 arena in September and travels all over Europe and the rest of the World.

The show has a sea battle, an orgy and music by Stewart Copeland, the drummer from the Police.

Franz Abraham, the producer of Ben Hur Live, had dreamt of adapting Lew Wallace’s 1880 novel, Ben-Hur: A Tale of Christ, for 15 years.

Ben-Hur is the story of a Jewish prince who becomes a galley slave and then a champion charioteer in the early 1st century AD. It was a hit play 100 years ago — the chariot race was depicted with live horses running on a treadmill device — and then an acclaimed silent film. For most people, however, it is indelibly associated with Charlton Heston in the 3½-hour epic released in 1959.

The nine-minute chariot race in William Wyler’s film is a Hollywood landmark and casts a giant shadow over any attempt to remake Ben-Hur. Other live chariot races have been staged over the years but none has evoked the same sense of danger and excitement.

“You have to feel the race. You have to smell it,” Abraham said. “The first rows will be only 3m from the race. You will get a drop of the horses’ sweat on your face and hear the sand and feel like you are under the horses.”

Two thousand years ago chariot racing was the Ancient World’s most popular spectator sport. The top teams were owned by wealthy patrons and followed by fanatical supporters who frequently fought street battles against each other after races. It delivered an addictive adrenalin rush to spectators and performers.

Estimates of the crowds at the Circus Maximus in Rome range from 150,000 to 250,000. According to the satirist Juvenal, who was in the last first century AD: “The people, who once conferred imperium, symbols of office, legions, everything, now hold themselves in check and anxiously desire only two things, the grain dole and chariot races in the Circus.”

Event merchandise will be creating Gladiator Swords, Helmets and other product from the times.

Event Merchandising at the Biffa

In order to keep the stars warm in the cold winter nights, Event Merchandising supplied fleece blankets together with the Goodie Bags for the British Independant Film Awards

Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race Event Merchandise are the front of house managers

The Oxford and Cambridge boat race, being one of the leading events in the British social and sporting calendar, needs little introduction.

Since 1829, the race has continued the founding traditions where Cambridge first set the challenge to Oxford. Every year around 250,000 spectators will flock to the river banks and adjacent parks to witness the live race.

Due to the global popularity of The Boat Race, television audiences will approach 130 million with almost 8 million of those being British and watching live on ITV1.

Capital Radio Jingle Bell Ball and Event Merchandising

Capital FM are producing Jingle Bell Ball at the O2 arena on 10th December 2008.
The Biggest Major media event of the Christmas calendar. All tickets sold out in minutes and
Event are producing the Merchandise.


Joe Calzaghe – Go Joe T-shirt

Event Merchandising launches the GO JOE T-shirt campaign. The Go Joe campaign is promoted by Wayne Rooney, The Army, Ant and Dec, Colleen Rooney and many others.
Event Merchandise creates a dedicated web shop to sell the Kappa designed T-shirt.