Event sponsorship, experiential and sampling

Event Live provides Sponsorship, experiential and sampling opportunities at varying event’s around the globe.

Experiential sampling should mean something more engaging than just giving a potential customer a product sample. It should mean providing the customer with an actual “experience” during the sampling activity.

We believe every sponsorship should be tailor-made to suit the brand

We provide engaging, real-life interactions between brands and consumers where every sense is targeted and every emotion engaged to challenge perceptions and cause a positive change in behaviour.

With regard to sales, we are very well versed in high value global
sponsorship acquisition and conduct the process of identification of
potential partners in addition to a complete sales process (e.g. creating sales presentations, documents & collateral, arranging meetings with key contacts, drafting commercial proposals and conducting negotiations).

Sponsorship / Sampling expertise covers

  • planning  & strategy
  • audits  and feasibility studies
  • search  & negotiation
  • activation  and evaluation

Sponsorship and sampling

Event! Live is a division of Event Merchandising (Est. 1982) and represents the commercial rights for blue chip live entertainment, including events and artists covering an impressive range of music, alternative sports and the arts.

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Commercial rights can be defined into defined into several categories, however these can be simply presented under the banners of Sponsorship, Merchandising, Advertising and Experiential.

Since the early days of commercial sponsorship, marketers have recognised that there is no better time to deliver their brand message, however this journey has can become fraught with misunderstandings between brands and promoters. Whilst this may not be deliberate, it is a by-product when promoters and sponsors fail to understand each other.  This is an area where Event! Live excels.  We have  extensive experience within marketing and the entertainments industries, effectively speaking everybody’s language.

Event works with many leading promoters as well as some of the best known brands and event’s.


Event Merchandising role is to bridge the gap between client and the event producers needs. This allows the promoter to concentrate on the running of their event whilst we take care of some of their key commercial areas, mainly -sponsorship, advertising, brand experience, merchandising and sampling.

Sponsorship must be a welcome addition to customer’s lives, not an unwelcome intrusion.

Whether working with sponsors or properties, we create new opportunities to add value to the audience. Shifting the focus from sponsor or property to fans/attendees/members/stakeholders. This transforms the role of sponsorship from merely an awareness-building tactic to a relationshipand loyalty business-building strategy. This generates more revenue for both sponsors and properties.


Experiential activity is a leading growth area of marketing and it is accepted as a proven method in successfully engaging with potential consumers.  A live experience provides the perfect platform to activate and stimulate.  The key points of success are:

  • Entertained (captive) audiences are more relaxed and receptive
  • Enhanced event experience
  • Brands become part of a memorable experience
  • Unrivalled time to converse with prospective customers
  • Challenges the senses
  • Higher quality data capture