Event Procurement

  • Deliver cost savings through minimised risk, smarter procurement and an optimised supply chain
  • Enable customers to focus on their core business instead of trying to handle indirect, non-core expenditure
  • Offer a global supply chain network with knowledge of suppliers in local and emerging economies
  • Reduce the costs and risks associated with sourcing non-core goods from new geographies, including emerging markets
  • Manage tenders for specific and individual projects on the customer’s behalf
  • Co-ordinate management of a transaction at every stage of the supply chain, ensuring that quality and lead-times are managed and monitored
  • Maximise customer revenues by meeting delivery promises through superior reliability
  • Deliver local market requirements such as customs and compliance management
  • Procure goods that enable customers to fulfil their corporate social responsibility requirements, an area of increasing stakeholder scrutiny.

Event has a track record of delivering substantial savings through the effective implementation and operation of best in class procurement.

We help organisations in getting the best out of the systems they have implemented by driving the process changes, both internally and with suppliers that result in the real benefits being achieved.

Event has developed and implemented a number of innovative outsourced procurement models that enable our clients to realise the savings opportunities across a wide range of categories without the need to acquire rare category expertise or implement niche technology solutions.

Our outsourced procurement services include:

  • Portfolio solutions where Event provide the procurement resources to manage some or all of a client’s categories. This approach allows the client’s staff to focus on core categories (typically direct spend) while reaping the benefits of a focussed, expert approach to non-core categories. Event deploys a core team to provide day-to-day management and additional expertise to support specific activities and categories.
  • Category solutions that focus on a single major category, providing a bespoke operational service along side strategic supplier management. This may also include the aggregation of spend across Event clients to bring scale benefits to all parties.

We achieve these outstanding results through a combination of the following:

  • Outstanding purchasing skills and experience. Building on our deep, practical category knowledge, our team has extensive purchasing experience.
  • A knowledge base of suppliers and benchmark data. As a result of our ongoing benchmarking studies carried out in partnership with major public and private sector organisations, we have developed a wealth of clearly structured and easily comparable data to help speed up the process of quantifying the opportunities available for our clients. This coupled with a continually updated supplier knowledge base provides the basis for accurate and informed decision-making.
  • Proprietary procurement technology.
  • Agility and creativity. While we bring a wealth of experience, skills and tools, we recognise that every organisation is different and the same solution does not work for everyone. Creativity runs through all of our work and training. Our agility is reflected in the commercial models we operate with our clients, from flat fee to full gainshare, our arrangements see us rewarded for delivering auditable results that are often ten to twenty times our fees.