Video cards

A reusable hi-impact message card suitable for invites, presentations, advertising and promotions. This is a completely new product.

The Video Cards come fully branded and loaded with any media still or movie. An amazing piece of technology at very affordable prices!

Event Merchandising has been established for over 30 years. Event have led the way with cutting edge innovation time and time again.

Some of our clients include the BBC, Channel 4, SKY, Yahoo, Ernst and Young, London 2012 Olympics and now Rio 2016

As global market leaders, our vast client base and expertise in design, development and manufacture has allowed us to offer a truly global service and a product that is advanced in class and quality.

    • It is a portable device that’s slim and lightweight
    • A novel and exciting way to promote / market a product or service
    • A rich source of information delivery and a powerful addition to the
      marketing/ promotional mix
    • Video is a growing medium
    • The promotional video message can be changed

Now available with Touch Screen or 3D screen!
They are lightweight, slimline and have a built in video screen with speakers. They can be posted for under £2.50.

Screen sizes: 2.4” or 3.5”

The outer panels of the Video Card can be branded to your specification and finished using any material you require, for example a Silk, Gloss or Matt finish etc.

Multiple videos can be loaded onto the Hard Drive and buttons can be included to play different videos.

The Video Card can also be made with a built in video camera so that the recipient can record their own images onto the hard drive and share or send to others.

All Video Cards come with a USB connection which charges the battery and allows you to remove content from the hard drive onto your computer and vice Versa.

The Video Card can be used on an ongoing basis (The Video Card is reusable).

Ideas for use include New Car launches, Property Sales and Rental, Holidays, Clothes Launch, Best Goals of Year for Football Clubs, Jewellery Brochure, Movie Premier Invites, Product launches etc.

It is the perfect marriage between an electronic presentations, email advertising and a glossy brochure and brings products alive in the HANDS of the consumer in a fully branded cover.

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The Promotional Video cards allows you to put your videos and messages directly into the hands of your clients. They will not only watch the video, but pass it round to others. The promotional video card has been manufactured for companies such as Yahoo, Ernst and Young, Soccerex and many more.

The Promotional Video card provides an immediate way to grab the attention of busy & important people; something that is difficult to achieve in a sea of emails and printed brochures. The promotional video card conveys a large amount of information is a short time.

Nowadays, as people have a higher and higher expectation of sophistication in communication, The promotional video card meets and exceeds this demand combining modern technology with traditional print.

The Promotional video card is also known as video brochure, video in print, LCD in print, video greeting card, is a result-measurable product when accompanied with QR codes and unique serial codes to help track ROI. It is a powerful device that that can help boost sales, increase awareness, and make you look fantastic.

Custom designed micro-thin LCD screen and PCB assembly with a unique construction embedded into printed collateral, Custom designed hardware and software to power the product Lithium re-chargeable battery Micro-USB connector and cable for recharging and transferring new video files Video is CE and RoHS compliant Built in memory that can be pre-loaded or video files can be added to at a later point, Automatic activation i.e. when you open the pack the unit is powered up and ready for use, Built in speaker for high quality audio

Available in various sizes 5″ by 7″, A5 and A4 and can be made to any custom size.

The promotional video card is also known as video in a card, the video brochure and tv in a card.