Client On Line Stores

At Event Merchandising we have 25+ years’ experience of Direct to Consumer retailing

We work with you to ensure you get your brand message out to the right people by creating compelling online stores and product with engaging content in order to drive sales.

We have the experience in:

Design of and implementation of the store




Social Media


Event Merchandising has created its own proprietary software powering the Themerchandisingshop.

Themerchandisingshop mission is simple: to become the global market leader for customised merchandise.
Themerchandisingshop provides all the technology needed to create individual products and online shops. Shop Partners don’t need to keep stock, produce items, ship merchandise, program software or manage payments. In addition, consumers at themerchandisingshop can easily and quickly order t-shirts and more online in the style of their choice.

All our shops are mobile optimised.
The mobile version of our shops are faster to use, and work across platforms enabling the customer to have a better experience.

Let Event implement and design an eCommerce system capable of taking payments within the branding of your website in a secure and cost-effective way.

We offer two types of packages Semi-customised and Customised. The semi customised option involves taking a ready made package and customising with your colour scheme, I-dents and logos, this would involve integrating it into your site though and external link incorporating your branding. The Customised option involves building a new system from scratch allowing you to customise every single feature.