Celebrations all round at Event Merchandising!



Last Wednesday, Event Merchandising celebrated its 40th anniversary and MD Jeremy Goldsmith’s 50th!

It’s been an incredible four decades and Event is proud to have hosted some incredible moments in history. From the music events to expanding and branching out into the world of global omnichannel retail success, current clients include UEFA and James Bond 007.

Amidst the business (and busy-ness) of client meetings, summer festivals and other live events, the office managed to get out into the sunshine for a couple of hours. All enjoyed pizza, Champagne and tiramisu at a nearby London pizzeria.

The whole team enjoyed the scorching 26-degree weather, including our “Bond Girl” Dannielle from the 007 office!


After many slices of wood-fired pizza, speeches were made by Paul, Jeremy and founder, Martin Goldsmith. Jeremy retold how he left his 13th birthday party and Bar Mitzvah to attend the iconic Live Aid as made possible by none other than Event Merchandising back in 1985.

Having reminisced, pored over a photo album of Jeremy (pre-EML career) and caught some rays outside with dessert, everyone headed back to work (and another slice of cake) feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready to drive Event into an exciting new era!


Jeremy Goldsmith and Event Merchandising – a very happy birthday to you both.