Hey Duggee, The BBC, Live Nation and Event Merchandise

2023: bring on the Live Touring Event Merchandise.
Hey Duggee The Live Theatre Show is HUGE and features Duggee, the Squirrels and many more of the favourite characters!

Betty wants to make costumes, Happy wants to sing, Tag wants to make music, Norrie wants to dance, Roly wants jelly and they all want you to join them at the Clubhouse.

Join Duggee and the Squirrels in this new vibrant interactive production bursting with music, puppets and barrels of laughs along the way, with a supporting range of colourful merchandising.

Paul and the live team have been working frenetically with teams at the BBC and Live Nation to deliver an eclectic range of Hey Dugee gifts.

It’s time for a Duggee hug!

Review from Whats on stage below:

“When stage adaptations of children’s TV favourites are ten-a-penny, it takes something special to stand out from the crowd. Hey Duggee Live delivers, not least because it feels like it has come from a place of genuine love for the original. It’s a fitting homage to the magnificence of its source material – a big, heartfelt Duggee hug. Me and my three year-old both had a ball, and the look on his face when I stuck on his theatre badge afterwards was the cherry on the cake.”