Chicago Rib Shack – Event supply the ” Exhipigtion

One of the most iconic, loved and influential American restaurants in London in the late 80’s and 90’s,
The Chicago Rib Shack, has made a stunning come back after a 10 year absence!
As well as supplying the merchandise, to compliment the pig theme,
Event Merchandising has created a “Paint your own Pig ceramic” piggy bank.
An “Exhipigtion” has been created to feature over a hundred pigs hand painted with iconic designs.
Plain pigs with paint pot sets are on sale at the Restaurant for kids to paint at home.
Other items include the indispensable “Rib Bib”,
and if you get sticky fingers after eating your ribs, you can always use a “Messy Pig” hand wipe all supplied by Event Merchandising.