Safe Guarding the Sponsorship Pound

The same can be said of sponsorship. Multi-nationals now spend millions of pounds on sponsoring events and need to see a return on their investment. Our expertise has been assured over various events such as, Davis Cup, Cheltenham Festival, The London Marathon, Live Aid, Net Aid, European Football and hundreds of one off events. Our specialist Account Team is not only au fait with the sourcing of sponsorship premiums and related hospitality gifts but can also manage the complex logistical issues surrounding sponsorship activities on a global scale. They also have facilities to provide royalty accounting and trademark protection advice. Polydor Russian Doll.

Event were requested to come up with a unique premium to push the launch of Bjork’s new album. Event suggested the Russian Doll and sourced and created this unique concept to mirror image the nature of Bjork image. Each doll was hand painted, showing a different album cover for each of the Dolls.