Our role is to partner with Brands and IP owners, to work in-house, as part of their team, providing essential, first hand and frontline experience gained from our experience advising with various IP
Our unique approach is centred around three areas:
1. Asset portfolios – IP ownership across physical and digital
2. The Metaverse ecosystem – from gateways, to identity, to the environment, to user experience and social interaction
3. Digital Wallets – from micro-payments to store of value, connecting users, transactions and rewards (physical and digital) and data.
We start by developing the vision, underpinned by a strategy considerate of each area of our clients business. This normally culminates in a Whitepaper, detailing the end-to-end plan covering Regulation, Technology, Products, Distribution, Marketing, Commercialisation and Data.
We also help identify and secure the right partners across the ecosystem, support on the development of digital creative assets, including NFTs, and build and manage digital communities with our partner agencies (if required).