Brand Extension through Licensing

Event work’s to implement a creative range using as wide a range of possible companies, and look to achieve the best deals based on a long term partnership. We have signed retail licensing deals for multiple categories, and are currently in negotiation with many new licenses.

We work closely with licensees and retailers to ensure maximum exposure and sales. Strategy:

As we seek to brand an intellectual property as an every day item, the marketing and product development never ends, as it is an ongoing process of effort, development and exposure.

We will set up and attend key retailer meetings and all necessary trade shows to ensure everyone is following the strategy we have set for the property. er’s personality to Licensee’s product/promotion or service ·Increases demand for and sales of Licensee’s product/promotion

  • Enlarges Licensee’s product/promotion’s target group
  • Offers the market a Point of Differentiation
  • Creates an emotional attachment between Licensee’s product and the consumer